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2011-04-23 12:26:41 by red-head-gamer

WHO ELSE IS ANNOYED ABOUT THIS MESSAGE POPPING UP IN GAMES SAYING " would like to store stuff on your computer" A friend of mine accepted and the computer got a virus! Seriously, approve of this is you agree! TomFulp, if you're reading this - stop the messages now!


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2011-04-23 15:11:13


That's YOUR fault, not Newgrounds. No, your friend never gotten a virus from Newgrounds, either. Change your flash settings to automatically accept this---it's required for certain games to save.


2011-04-23 15:15:26

Oh yeah, in case you don't know how...right click on any flash, go to Settings. Then find the Local Storage tab and set it to something other than "Never"---I'd recommend 1 MB.

If you don't want to save any games you play on Newgrounds for some weird reason, then you can select "Never ask me again" and it won't save OR ask you automatically again. But it'd be your loss, and I hope you like playing Toss the Turtle from scratch every time you open it.


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